Bachelors in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE Civil) is a four-year, eight-semester program of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. The study program is practical centric i.e students are provided with the opportunity to get their hands on the practical lab instruments and are guided thoroughly to master the techniques.

A civil engineer can work in any of the areas suggested for:

  • Design and development firms
  • Government/Non-Government agencies and their contractors
  • Engineering consultancies, specializing in private, residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Developments, water and flood management, road infrastructure or project management



Year/Part :  I/I

S. N.       Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 401   Engineering Mathematics- I

2.            CT 401 Computer Programing

3.            ME 401 Engineering Drawing-I

4.            SH 403                  Engineering Chemistry

5.            ME 402                 Fundamental of Thermodynamics  and Heat Transfer

6.            ME 403 Workshop Technology


Year/Part :I/II

S. N.       Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 451   Engineering Mathematics – II

2.            ME 451 Engineering Drawing II

3.            EX 451   Basic Electronics Engineering

4.            SH 452   Engineering Physics

5.            EE 451   Basic Electrical Engineering

Year/Part : II/I

S. N.       Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 501   Engineering Mathematics III

2.            CE 501   Applied Mechanics (Dynamics)

3.            CE 502   Strength of Materials

4.            CE 503   Engineering Geology I

5.            CE 505   Fluid Mechanics

6.            CE 504   Surveying I

7.            CE 506   Civil Engineering Materials


Year/ Part : II/II

S. N.       Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 552   Probability and Statistics

2.            AR 556  Building Drawing

3.            CE 551  Theory of Structures –I

4.            CE 555   Hydraulics

5.            CE 554   Surveying II

6.            CE 552   Soil Mechanics

7.            CE 553   Engineering Geology II


Year/ Part : III/I

S. N.       Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 603   Numerical Methods

2.            CE 601   Theory of Structures II

3.            CE 602   Foundation Engineering

4.            CE 604   Survey Camp

5.            CE 605   Water Supply Engineering

6.            CE 603   Concrete Technology and Masonry Structure

7.            CE 606   Engineering Hydrology


Year/ Part : III/II

S. N.       Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 651   Communication English

2.            CE 651   Design of Steel & Timber Structure

3.            CE 652   Building Technology

4.            CE 655   Engineering Economics

5.            CE 656   Sanitary Engineering

6.            CE 653   Transportation Engineering I

7.            CE 654   Irrigation & Drainage Engineering


Year/ Part : IV/I

S. N.       Course Code      Course Title

1.            CE 701   Project Engineering

2.            CE 702   Design of RCC Structure

3.            CE 703   Transportation Engineering II

4.            CE 704   Hydropower Engineering

5.            CE 705   Estimating & Costing

6.            CE 725   Elective I

7.            CE 707   Project (part I)

Year/ Part :IV/II

S. N.       Course Code      Course Title

1.            CE 751   Computational Techniques in Civil Engineering

2.            CE 752   Engineering Professional Practice

3.            CE 753   Technology Environment & Society

4.            CE 754   Construction Management

5.            CE 755   Project (Part II )

6.            CE 765   Elective II

7.            CE 785   Elective III

Message from HOD (Department of Civil Engineering)


In a developing country like ours, civil engineering is the most preferred discipline for infrastructural and socio-economic development.


The Department of Civil Engineering at Lalitpur Engineering College aims to enhance the core theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential to becoming technically sound, professionally competent, and globally competitive civil engineers. Our department is committed not only to provide an academic environment for the prescribed courses but also for recent technologies integrated education system with an opportunity for research and development. Our college with our highly qualified, enthusiastic, and dedicated full-time teachers and as well as visiting faculties, excellent infrastructures, laboratories, and adequate learning materials provides you a healthy learning environment, and platforms to showcase your potential, to turn your dream into a reality.


I feel happy and delighted to welcome our incoming students and my best wishes for their brilliant academic career at LEC.


- Pukar Joshi