Bachelors in Computer Engineering

Bachelor in Computer Engineering (BE Computer) is a four-year, eight-semester program of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. Well equipped lab and dedicated internet connection is the backbone to enhance the learning opportunity of students with the proper guidance and mentorship provided by the faculty members. Also, industry trending tech-packages is provided to the students to boost up the industry learning experience.

Some of the top career options after Computer Engineering include:

  • Big Data Engineer.
  • Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Blockchain Developer/Engineer.
  • Software Developer.
  • Computer Network Architect.
  • Computer Systems Analyst.
  • Database Administrator.


Year/Part: I/I

S.N.        Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 401                   Engineering Mathematics I

2.            CT 401                   Computer Programming

3.            ME 401                 Engineering Drawing I

4.            SH 402                   Engineering Physics

5.            CE 401                   Applied Mechanics

6.            EE 401                   Basic Electrical Engineering


Year/Part :I/II

S.N.        Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 451                   Engineering Mathematics II        

2.            ME 451                 Engineering Drawing II

3.            EX 451                   Basic Electronics Engineering

4.            ME 452                 Fundamental of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

5.            SH 453                   Engineering Chemistry

6.            ME 453                 Workshop Technology


Year/Part : II/I

S.N.        Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 501                   Engineering Mathematics III

2.            CT 501                   Object Oriented Programming

3.            CT 502                   Theory of Computation

4.            EE 501                   Electric Circuit Theory

5.            EX 501                   Electronic Devices & Circuit

6.            EX 502                   Digital Logic

7.            EX 503                   Electromagnetics


Year/Part: II/II

S.N.        Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 551                   Applied Mathematics

2.            SH 553                   Numerical Methods

3.            EE 552                   Instrumentation I

4.            EE 554                   Electrical Machines

5.            CT 551                   Discrete Structure

6.            CT 552                   Data Structure & Algorithm

7.            EX 551                   Microprocessor


Year/Part: III/I

S.N.        Course Code      Course Title

1.            SH 601                   Communication English

2.            SH 602                   Probability & Statistics

3.            CT 601                   Software Engineering

4.            CT 602                   Data Communication

5.            CT 603                   Computer Organization & Architecture

6.            EX 602                   Instrumentation II

7.            EX 603                   Computer Graphics


Year/Part: III/II

S.N.        Course Code       Course Title

1.            CE 655                   Engineering Economics

2.            CT 651                   Object Oriented Analysis & Design

3.            CT 652                   Database Management System

4.            CT 653                   Artificial Intelligence

5.            CT 655                   Embedded System

6.            CT 656                   Operating System

7.            CT 654                   Minor Project


Year/Part : IV/I

S.N.        Course Code      Course Title

1.            ME 708                 Organization & Management

2.            EX 701                   Energy Environment & Society

3.            CT 701                   Project Management

4.            CT 702                   Computer Network

5.            CT 703                   Distributed System

6.            CT 704                   Digital Signal Analysis

7.            CT 725                   Elective I

8.            CT 707                   Project (Part A)


Year/Part :IV/II

S.N.        Course Code      Course Title

1              CE 752                   Professional Practice

2.            CT 751                   Information System

3.            CT 753                   Simulation & Modelling

4.            CT 754                   Internet & Intranet

5.            CT 765                   Elective II

6.            CT 785                   Elective III

7.            CT 755                   Project (Part B)

Message from HOD (Department of Computer Engineering)

“Our Computer Engineering department is vibrant, due to our dynamic academic and technical staff members, as well as our bright students. The department has a team of highly experienced and motivated faculty members who are in process of tuning the young minds to make them globally competitive. The scope of computer engineering is endless. The students of computer engineering are highly demanded by the recruiters of the top companies. Depending upon the interest of the student, he/she may choose to go for higher studies or if employed can choose to do research, development, design, production, application, testing or management in the Information Technology industry.


After four years of Study, Our Computer Engineering graduates can find work all over the world. We ensure that our graduates have the understanding necessary to maintain their skills and competencies throughout their professional career. Through innovative teaching-learning process a teamwork approach and leadership building experience, our students gain vital communication and critical-thinking skills. On behalf of the Computer Engineering department, I welcome our new students and visitors, and wish our current students and graduates well.”


- Praches Acharya